Thrifting For Profit – The Amazon Way Guide

“Easily Find Low Cost, Very High Profit Products At


Thrift Stores To Flip and Sell on Amazon FBA!”

 Really? – YES – Really!

Thrift Stores can be a GOLD MINE of profitable Amazon inventory!

 I’ll show you how to look at Thrift Stores in a different light and find very profitable inventory for YOUR Amazon FBA business!

Are you reading this because you want to try your hand at selling products on Amazon?

You probably are like me and don’t have a huge “budget” to spend on inventory.

Am I right?

Maybe you are already selling on Amazon and are frustrated with buying large quantities of retail store inventory (spending a ton of cash) only to have those products sit (and sit… and sit) – not selling. Tying up ALL of your inventory buying budget.

Right again?

And… You might be someone who shy’s away from the Thrift Stores because it’s “All Junk“…  or “It takes to long to find a few good things in a Thrift Store“.

How about it… am I still right?

I believe I can help you grow your business from the ground up and I also believe that we can change your thinking about Thrift Stores. Keep reading…

Just who is this “Thrifting Gal” sharing this advice?

I am Debra Conrad and I have been where you are! I started selling on Amazon FBA around mid-2011. My first inventory scouting adventures were in retail stores. I found A LOT of great products! Then I discovered a whole different place to source product – thrift stores! Keep reading to hear more of my story…

So… You Want to Be a Millionaire?

You will hear of people making thousands upon thousands of dollars each month on Amazon even people making 6 figures a year. These people are for real and they have built these very large businesses with the help of Amazon.

It has also taken them a lot of time, effort and money to build these businesses to this size – it most definitely did not happen overnight.

At this point in time, I continue to increase my  Amazon FBA income, however, I am most definitely not those people who have replaced a $90,000/year income using Amazon FBA.

For me, Amazon FBA is a really nice part-time income. This leaves me plenty of time to work on other projects and be available for my families and friends.

Through my Amazon profits I able to significantly contribute to my household income. I have a businesses that I can work around just about any schedule. I work when I want.

 I Went On The Hunt For A Plan

I wanted an Amazon business plan that would not require me to spend a ton of cash for inventory.

I didn’t have enough money to keep buying those GREAT products at retail stores – even if they were on clearance! And I didn’t want to whip out the credit card to make purchases.

So what was I to do???

I could have just quit my Amazon FBA businesses right then and there. A big FAIL. Oh well!

But I DID NOT QUIT.  I decided to find another way to find profitable inventory – but on a budget.

What’s The Answer… (Because There IS Always An Answer)

THRIFTING = Fun and Profit

I couldn’t build a business on stuff I find at thrift stores – or could I?

I know others had great luck sourcing products that sold on eBay.   But… I can’t sell most of the “used stuff” (that is sold on eBay) on Amazon.

What I did find – when I took the time/effort to really “look” at what I could find in thrift stores – I began to “see” all the New (In Package) products that were sitting on the shelves waiting for me to fill my cart.

Plus… Every thrift store sells GAMES – Games, Games and more Games.  These games are also a little treasure trove of easy money.  I now buy games for $1 – $3 and sell most of them on Amazon for $25 – $50 – even $75.  How’s that for a return on your investment???

Over the course of several months I began to realize that I really liked sourcing from thrift stores as well as buying wholesale and some retail arbitrage.

Most of my “Great Inventory” (Big Profits) was coming from thrift stores – those were the items that I were seeing the most profit from with the smallest amount of cash outlay.

PLUS –  I enjoy going to thrift stores. I’d be going even if I wasn’t sourcing product there.

You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to keep a huge grin off your face in a thrift store – when you have a cart loaded with products that will eventually make you $500 or more in profit.

The grin get’s silly lopsided on those days when the thrift stores are offering discounts up to 75%.

I Try Not To Follow The Pack

One of the benefits of sourcing for Amazon inventory at thrift stores is that you can find products that the majority of Amazon sellers won’t have in their inventory.

Most Amazon sellers are following along with the herd and buying the latest discounted item at the retail stores or they are online and buying 50 of this widget on a website along with everybody else that saw that same deal.

That’s not to say that those sourcing methods are wrong, but often times it can lead to disaster. When the market starts to get flooded with the same product, some sellers drop the price drastically.

Then you are left with the choice of :

‘Do I hold onto my price and wait for who knows how long for everybody else to sell out so I can get my price for the item’ –  or –
‘Do I join in this pricing war and lower my price which will drastically decrease in my profit’?

Stress ??  Never!

Yet another good thing about scouting for inventory at thrift stores is that it is stress free.

I do not have to pour over sale advertisements and online newsletters looking for the best deals.

I don’t have to worry that 100 more sellers are going to begin selling the exact same product within the next couple of days.

I have a system for buying exactly the “right” products and leaving the dogs on the shelf. (This system works 95% of the time!)

A Little of This and a Dab of That

Another thing I like about sourcing at thrift stores is that it gives me the opportunity to try out many different types of inventory without having to plunk down a lot of cash.

I can tryout household items, garden items, toys, games…etc.

Much More Bang for Your Limited Buck

Thrifting is a very cost effective way of getting into selling on Amazon. You may hear a lot of people talking about books as being one of the least expensive ways to get inventory for Amazon, and it is – but so is thrifting for just about anything. While out thrifting you will find all sorts of low cost, high profit items to sell on Amazon.

I Believe Our Business Model Is Perfect For…


TFP Amazon Way Book Cover - OCT 2013 SMALLAnyone who wants to diversify their Amazon Inventory whether on a budget or not.

People with limited time who need to contribute to their household income, like:

I feel that sourcing at thrift stores for Amazon FBA products is well suited for Moms or Dads that want to bring in some extra cash.

Even the retiree who wants to bring in some extra money but doesn’t want to mess up their Social Security benefits and/or has no desire to work full-time job.

It’s also great for the high school or college student that needs to bring in money to pay the bills or to have spending money.

I also have a strong sense of urgency to try to help everyone who is on the “retail roller coaster” and wants to get off.  I am making just about as much profit with thrifting as I did with strictly retail arbitrage… and my profits continue to grow.

Can Thrifting Provide You With A Full-Time Income?

ABSOLUTELY!  But NOT an instant full-time income! Anyone that tells you different is fibbing – big time!

Building up this business takes time and effort.

I choose to only work it part-time (and make a very nice income for my efforts) so I can work on other income streams.

 I have found a more relaxed approach to my business and have found that Thrifting is profitable and FUN.

Join me in my most profitable venture yet…

To your success,

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Bonus Graphic for Sales Page1 OCT 13 shortAct NOW! Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or your money back for ONE FULL YEAR.

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P.S. — There’s no risk on your part at all for test driving because you’re completely covered by our Full 1 Year No B.S. Money Back Guarantee.

P.P.P.S. By now you may be thinking, “Can’t I just figure all of this out on my own? Do I really need to pay for this information?”

It’ll take you a lot longer to figure it out “your new profitable plan”on your own – it will be a lot easier if you use “us” as your kick start guides. 

You could go it alone…

All of the information that you need for profitable thrifting is freely available at your finger tips just like anything else. You could spend your time researching and testing…. it’s all up to you – you could either go it alone or…

You could let us shave time off of the learning curve and give you a tremendous shortcut to success.

All of the material in Thrifting For Profit ~ The Amazon Way has been specifically designed to give you a huge jump start – all meat, no filler – just the crucial info you need RIGHT NOW for Thrifting Success.

Hey, if you decide to go it alone – go for it! Make BIG things happen. I’m proud of you and I will certainly be here cheering you on!

But wouldn’t you rather benefit from the experience of someone that’s been there before you?

Wouldn’t you rather know what works RIGHT NOW without having to go through all the trial and error on your own? I know I would have…

Face it – All that you really need is instruction and encouragement.