Thrifting For Niche Book Profits

“Easily Find Low Cost, Very High Profit “Niche Books” At


Thrift Stores To Flip and Sell on Amazon FBA!”

I Am Sharing My Secrets….

Thrift Stores – Book Sales – Garage and Yard Sales can be a

GOLD MINE of profitable Amazon inventory!

I have been selling books on Amazon for over a year and have found some of the best “niches” (sub-categories) that sell for the most profit.

Are you reading this because you are frustrated with your book scouting?

You probably are like meand have tried to sell books on Amazon that have
not sold for nearly the profit you expected.

Am I right?

Maybe you are already selling books on Amazon and are frustrated with buying large quantities of books that just don’t seem to sell… EVER! 

Right again?

And… You might have sold a ton of books on Amazon, and yet you couldn’t seem to make more than a $1 or so in profit.

How about it… am I still right?

I believe I can help you learn to source the “right” books, saving you time and money.  The RIGHT books usually sell for 10 – 20 or even 50 times the cost. 

Just this “Thrifting Gal” sharing jer advice?

I am Debra Conrad and I have been where you are! I started selling on Amazon FBA around mid-2011. I am NOT a major book sellers. Books are just one of the categories I scout for…. but the books I sell are usually so profitable, I almost never pass up the book section in any thrift store.

I Have Sold Tons Of Books

Well, it feels like “Tons” because books are so heavy!  BUT… I didn’t always sell “Profitable” books.  I have books in my inventory… that will Never Sell. If they do ever sell – I MIGHT make a few pennies or a buck.  This is NOT the way to make a profitable income on Amazon.

What’s The Answer… (Because There IS Always An Answer)

Selling Niche Books

I looked at the books that I sold in the past for GREAT profit and started to see a pattern.  I started to take note of the High Profit Book Categories on Amazon that I could sell without much competition.  PLUS… when you concentrate your efforts on the profitable categories… scouting for books takes much less time!

I have a system for buying exactly the “right” books and leaving the dogs on the shelf. (This system works 85% of the time! – Yes, I still make some mistakes.)

You won’t believe what some “seemingly” drab little books can bring in profit! Some of the books I have sold are the MOST Boring looking books I  have ever seen… and they sell for nearly $100!

Books are HEAVY and it takes a lot out of me to lug books home and then ship those heavy cartons to the Amazon warehouses. I don’t want to buy and ship a book that is Not Going To Bring Huge Profits!

One of the benefits of sourcing books at thrift stores is that you can find books that the majority of Amazon sellers won’t have in their inventory… And if they do – they offer them as Merchant Fulfilled sellers (which doesn’t bring nearly as much profit!)

Note: A Merchant Fulfilled Seller is someone who sells products from home and ships all their orders themselves.  I am an Amazon FBA seller… this means I send all my inventory to an Amazon Warehouse and let Amazon take care of our customers for us.

What Am I Sharing In This Guide?

I am spilling everything they have learned about selling books so far. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

I show you (in great detail)…

  • What to look for (I give pages and pages of examples of books I have sold for very nice profits).
  • I show condition guidelines that will make it easy for you to list your books in the “right” condition.
  • I show you the exact categories (niches) of books you should be focused on sourcing.

Table Of Contents

book TOCRob Anderson Talks About Book Selling

Unsolicited Testimonial


Hi, Debra

I just wanted to let you know what a godsend your bookselling ebook was for me.  I have been selling books on Amazon as an FBA seller on and off for awhile now and had read and heard many of the suggestions that you made, but something really clicked when I read your ebook.  You had so many great examples of books that sold for a lot of money, that I got to study them and really see the types of books that bring in good money.

For a long time now, I had been focusing too much on the cheap books.  So many sellers do, but your emphasis to focus on the higher value books really opened my eyes to the potential of selling these types of books, especially textbooks.  Like you, I kept thinking, who’s going to buy an old textbook?  Not to mention how heavy they are packed in a box for shipping!  But after reading your book, I went to my local book sale (the largest one around with over half a million books) and got a ton of textbooks to resell.

My eyes popped wide open quite a number of times while I was scanning them in.  The funny thing was, there were a lot of other book resellers at this particular sale, with their PDA’s and cell phones, but very few of them, if any, were over in the textbook section.  I mean, I was about the only one there, and I filled up a whole shopping cart.  There were tons more book than I could scan, so I barely made a dent in the textbooks!

What I particularly love about your strategy is that you aren’t a slave to sales rank like so many other book sellers (including myself).  That opened my eyes too.  I took chances on books well outside the one million window that many sellers adhere to because there were few or no other FBA sellers.  You had so many examples of books that sold for a lot of money because you were the only FBA sellers.  You even had books that had no rank that you sold for a lot of money!

All I can say is “wow!”  You really opened my eyes to how to pick and choose books to scan and buy.  This was the most fun I have ever had scouting for books.  I didn’t waste my time on the cheap books, and I still found a ton of books to resell!

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you  for creating this ebook and totally changing the way I scout books from now on!



 Who Is This Guide For?

Niche Book Cover - OCT 2013Anyone who has struggled finding the “Gems” amongst the piles and piles of unprofitable books. 

People who “think” selling books on Amazon is “dead” (unprofitable).

Those that believe fiction is what you should be sourcing to sell on Amazon (Hardly Ever Is This True)

Someone who has been taught that books are too much trouble and not worth the time/effort to source.

I firmly believe that “sourcing books” should always be a priority for anyone who uses our “Thrifting For Profit – The Amazon Way” business model.

Join me in my very profitable book niches…

To your success,

Debra Pic and SignatureAct NOW! Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or your money back for ONE FULL YEAR.

P.S. – There’s no risk on your part at all for test driving because you’re completely covered by my Full 1 Year No B.S. Money Back Guarantee.

P.P.P.S. By now you may be thinking, “Can’t I just figure all of this out on my own? Do I really need to pay for this information?”

It’ll take you a lot longer to figure it out on your own – it will be a lot easier if you use “me” as your kick start guide.

You could go it alone…

Hey, if you decide to go it alone – go for it! Make BIG things happen. I’m proud of you and I will certainly be here cheering you on!

But wouldn’t you rather benefit from the experience of someone that’s been there before you?

Wouldn’t you rather know what works RIGHT NOW without having to go through all the trial and error on your own? I know I would have…