{TFP} Thrifting For Profit Podcast – Episode 23 – Wholesale Sourcing With Charlene Anderson – Part 2

Podcast-episode-23This is Part 2 of our “Wholesale Sourcing with Charlene Anderson” Podcast Series.  In this Podcast Charlene Anderson we discuss what we have learned about Wholesale Sourcing with Charlene Anderson.  She answers a bunch of Wholesale Sourcing questions – a MUST LISTEN for anyone thinking of getting into Wholesale Sourcing for their Amazon FBA business!

1 – What’s up with us this week

It’s Magic 25 Weekend!  We are offering our Thrifting For Profit – The Amazon Way Guide for the Magic 25 dollar Price.  This is about 1/2 off the regular price!!  The sale will be available until midnight Sunday March 10, 2013 – Get your copy HERE!


  • Stopped at a library while running errands and found a few great items.
  • Processed, packed, shipped some time-sensitive retail items.
  • Got some practice creating product pages.


  • Made a wholesale purchase with encouragement from Charlene – and it was NOT a HUGE order!
  • Went out thrifting.
  • Went to a grocery salvage store.

2 –  Questions & Flips

Only shared 1 flip each so we could spend more time talking about Wholesale with Charlene.

Beth’s flip:

Debra’s flip:

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Topics we’ve been discussing in our Facebook Group this week:

3 – Main Topic: Wholesale Sourcing with Charlene Anderson – Part 2

(formerly: From Widget Sourcing to Deep Sourcing)

This is Part 2, you can find Part 1 HERE – Episode 22.  We also touched this topic in Episode 21 and went into to depth about the “Why We Are Working On Growing Our Business”  in these two articles:

  • Questions & Topics Discussed:

We got to the rest of questions that we had for Charlene about Wholesale Sourcing and there were LOTS of great questions from the chat room that were answered “on-air”. You can always ask questions in our free Facebook Group too!

  • Questions from Debra and Beth for Charlene:
    • Advice on HOW to look for products.
    • Finding some “wholesales” who are easy to apply and get approved to buy – only to see that the prices are not that great.
    • Products we have sold before (from our thrifting or previous arbitrage) that we want to look for.
    • Bundles.
    • Returns – if the margins are slim, do you worry about returns cutting in to your profit?
    • How slim of a margin is too slim?
    • Pricey Products vs. Lower Priced products.
    • Stay with magic $25 and over products or low price? How low?
    • Sales Rank – It does matter in this case?
    • Competition… what should you look out for?
  • Chat room questions answered “on air”
    • When breaking into wholesaling I know the best no other FBA sellers, but how many other FBA is max before choosing another product or niche?
    • Did u call or email with your company before the (wholesale) order?
    • Did you just find the company on the internet and contact them via email?
    • Do you buy wholesale and have it shipped to yourself and reship to Amazon?
    • If you ship directly to AMZ, and then Amazon goes directly to your wholesale source and cuts you out in the middle? Does that really happen? (above)
    • Do you tell the wholesaler you will be selling their items on Amazon?
    • What do you look for when on their (manufacturers) website? Distributor link or something?
    • Why would you want to sell something from a wholesaler with a slim margin?
    • When doing wholesale do you use stickers on everything or go stickerless and send case packs?
  • Other Questions/Topics

    • We were discussing bookkeeping before the official podcast started.  Many people like using Outright for their bookkeeping which does offer a free service.  Find out more here:  www.Outright.com
    • Evernote – very useful for keeping track of all sorts of things – enter notes, pictures…etc. and easily view them from your Smartphone, computer, Kindle – anywhere! and they all synch together and are easy to organize – and it is FREE.  www.Evernote.com
    • Insurance for your Amazon FBA business.  Find more info about that here in Episode 14

Comments From Our Listeners About Today’s Podcast:

  • “Charlene you were wonderful! Ladies, Please schedule her back again.” – Steven
  • “Thanks soooo much, Charlene!!! This has been a great shoe… I mean SHOW!!! LOL” – Linda
  • “thank you once again for your time Charlene, Debra, Beth” – guest
  • “Love your joyful hearts!!!” – Craig

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