{TFP} Thrifting For Profit Podcast – Episode 11 – Profit Bandit & Seller Engine

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1 – What’s up with us this week

Debra:  Sales have been amazing – re: thrifted products.  Have really been watching the sales to see what “new in box” products and Holiday products are selling for and what to keep in mind for next year.   “Bakeware, Smores maker, etc.

Beth: Pulled an all-nighter to get items shipped off to Amazon.  Hit two estate sales this past Saturday. Hit 2 thrift stores this week. Used PDA for scanning CDs – over 10 shelves of them! Got all of it processed and sent out today J which is a record.

2 – Paul & Ioan from Seller Engine

  • Ioan started out selling his own computer books on Amazon which eventually grew into a larger business for him.  He wanted a listing software and ended up creating SellerEngine in 2002.
    • Ioan shares his story – very interesting and inspiring!
  • Paul writes Seller Engine’s blog and connects with users through Social Media.  He also provides support for Profit Bandit and works with Victor (creator of Profit Bandit) to add features users want and further develop the app.

3 – Main Topic – Using Profit Bandit and Seller Engine

  • Seller Engine Plus is a software for listing and repricing items on Amazon (works for MF and FBA sellers)
  • Profit Bandit is a scouting App.
  • Questions about SellerEngine Plus
    • When and why was it originally built/created?
    • Who was it geared towards at first?
    • When did they start gearing it towards FBA sellers?
    • What majority of their customers are FBA sellers?
    • What are the benefits of using it for FBA seller?
    • What about having it on multiple computers?
    • Why is it beneficial to have a computer based program vs. web?
  • Questions about Profit Bandit App
    • New Fees on Amazon – How does Profit Bandit need to update and when?  Anything we should change in the settings in the meantime?
    • Export a CSV file with product information to upload directly to Amazon.  We use SellerEngine – how would using A CSV help us?
    • What are the best features of Profit Bandit?
    • Profit Bandit for International sellers.  Have you had any feedback from these sellers? Does this App really work for them?
    • Is there any way I can use Profit Bandit if I don’t have a Pro Merchant account?
    • How do I see what my profit per item is? Can I see it in either $ or %?
  • We also talked a bit about Sellerly – SellerEngine’s web based listing and repricing program
    • More info here: http://sellerengine.com/software/sellery/
    • As of this podcast, Sellerly starts at $100/month.
    • It can be very useful for higher volume sellers.
    • In the future, it will be able to automatically handle Multi-Channel Fulfillment orders from eBay.

4 – Other Questions from the chat room answered during the podcast.

  • Do you list items even if the item has a poor rank and NO FBA sellers?
  • Selling Nordic Ware – good idea?
  • Will Seller Engine be available for the Mac?
  • What is the difference between Sellerly and Seller Engine?
  • What size business should I be to best benefit from subscribing to Seller Engine like I wouldn’t want to subscribe if my net income is $100 per month?
  • How about Sellery? What kind of seller is it aimed at?

Questions Asked in the Chat Room that were not answered on air:

  • How long did it take you to “get it”? One month? (in regards to Beth using the 1 month free trial of SellerEngine Plus).
    • less than a month.
    • I DID read through a lot of help files and watch their videos on YouTube – that took a few hours for me.
    • I DID contact SellerEngine with a few questions and they were VERY helpful.  They even offered to do a demo for me to show me how to use the software.
  • Does Seller engine print a sheet of 30 labels or printed individually with a Dymo 450?
    • You can print individual (I use my Dymo)…OR…you can choose to not print from SE and then print them out from Amazon on the 30-up labels.

Some Thrifty Flips from this past week:


Beach Body Yoga Booty Ballet (VHS) – NEW –  Paid 3?  Sold $25 http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000NLYMZU

Nemo Hallmark Ornament – Used, VG – Paid $4, Sold $25 within 1 week  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000VXGAZ0


Avian Surgical Anatomy book, paid $4 UVG – Sold $150


Bird Songs: 250 North American Birds in Song, Paid $1 New – Sold $189.00 http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1932855416

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