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Smart Scouting 336 x 337I would bet good money (maybe 50 cents) you are reading this because you want to try your hand at selling products on Amazon. You probably are like I am and don’t always have a huge “budget” to spend on inventory.

Am I right?   

Maybe you are already selling on Amazon and are frustrated with buying large quantities of retail store inventory (spending a ton of cash) only to have those products sit (and sit… and sit) – not selling. Tying up ALL of your inventory buying budget.

Right again?  

And… You might be someone who shy’s away from the Thrift Stores because it’s “All Junk“…  or “It takes to long to find a few good things in a Thrift Store”.

How about it… am I still right?

I think I can help you grow your business from the ground up and also I believe that I can change your thinking about Thrift Stores. Keep reading more in your free copy of “Smart Scouting for Cash Strapped Amazon Sellers”.  Just enter your name and e-mail address below, click “submit” and check your e-mail inbox for your copy!

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Here’s to Happy Sourcing!
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  1. William Tilson says

    Hi there! Yes, I’m interested in “smart scouting” and knowing what to look for. I think that what your sharing is very valuable if/when it’s put into action. I trust that you are doing what you “preach” and being very profitable at it. I am really looking forward to this ebook and the great content I’m sure it contains (like the rest of what you share)!

    • DebnBeth says

      Thanks for your kind words William :)
      Yes, Debra and I are both out scouting at thrifts often. In fact, if we don’t go for a few days we start to go through withdrawal! LOL. And, yes, it IS profitable – and fun too :)

      The book will be out shortly – very happy that you are looking forward to it. We’ve been working on it in between processing all of our thrift store finds to send off to Amazon FBA.
      – Beth

  2. Billie says

    I just finished listening to your podcast and I read your book. I can relate to everything you said. Having been through my first year of selling FBA I had decided to take a step back and make a new plan. I love the whole process but it became to much work. I am, getting my PD product created and my etsy store is almost done ( I need multiple avenues of revenue) then I can get back to selling FBA. I still have about 20 items there, just hope they sell this Christmas. Looking forward to what you guys have to offer.

    • DebnBeth says

      Hey Billie… Making a new plan is probably a great idea if the first plan didn’t work out. *giggle*

      I hope to see you profiting from ALL your multiple streams of income soon!


  3. Susan says

    I havent done the fba with amazon yet…just basic selling there…hard to do when i am also selling the items on ebay…

  4. Marilyn Stwalley says

    I have been trying to get started at this for a long time,
    I hope “Scouting” will help me…………..


  5. says

    I’m studying FBA with the PAC course and it’s good to get more info on FBA. I am a merchant fulfiller on amazon. I have some scanner sourced items and some (not scanned niche items). I probably have a total of 12,000 media type items in my basement. I just ordered my FBA scanner from ebay. I was using a scoutpal scanner that did not show the FBA price. I can’t wait to get busy re-scanning my items and prep them for FBA. Any advice on what sales rank to start with? Thanks.

  6. Draima says

    Your information that you share is always a motivator to me! Looking forward to this read. Thank you!

  7. jeff says

    Just recently joined and really enjoy what you post…how do i get your ebook ?? Thanks so much and keep up the good work…

  8. Michelle says

    Maybe I’m blind today, but just can’t seem to find the sign-up box for your newsletter – on either this website or on your howazon website. I would love to get the newsletters and the free books!


    • DebnBeth says

      Sign up box for newsletter is in the top right hand corner of every page. :)

      “Get Your Copy Of Our “Smart Scouting for Cash Strapped Amazon Sellers” & our FREE Newsletter”

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