Sell Wilton Cake Pans On Amazon With Packaging Ideas

wilton cake pans

I’ll admit that cake pans were something that took me a while to get my head around selling on Amazon. I have never used a cake pan that forms a cake to look like a Christmas tree or Santa Clause… nor did I know how to tell what were the best cake pans or if they had to be in a certain condition to sell.

Deb Henry gave me a little guidance – she said stick with Wilton brand cake pans at first and stay away from anything that looks “boring”.

I found out that this is a really easy category to buy and sell in on Amazon. You just won’t find many Wilton cake pans that aren’t listed on Amazon. And… it’s very easy to “spot” a Wilton cake pan once you know what you are looking for.

These cake pans are usually an aluminum based pan and not shiny.  (This makes them really easy to clean up if they have “smoodge” in the crevices.

Don’t worry that most of the cake pans you find will not have bar codes.  It’s a simple process to look them up on Amazon.

For instance – if I see a “Santa” cake pan – I type into my scouting app…  “Wilton Santa Cake Pan”.   Of course, Wilton brand has produced many Santa style cake pans… and it’s just a matter of scrolling through them and finding the picture that matches yours.

I look for Wilton cake pans every time I scout. They aren’t easily “hidden” on the shelves – so it takes just mere minutes to spot them piled up with other baking and cooking utensils.

During the hot summer months – you won’t sell many (if any) cake pans.  You might sell a few if they are something that is special for a kid’s birthday cake.   But… when it starts cooling off just a bit… the “bakers” start getting in the mood to “Bake”!  They want new pans to play with.  This is why you should be scouting for pans all year.

If you are very lucky… the cake pan’s colored insert will still be attached.  Some of these pans even came in a box… this is an extra special find.

Don’t fret if you only find the “bare” pan.  You can fix it up to look great for your customers.

Some thing you want to look for are:

  • Dents
  • Stains that won’t be easily removed
  • Deep scratches

Excerpt from Thrifting For Profit ~ The Amazon Way:

You can find the instructions for almost every Wilton Cake Pan online.

Clean and Package Wilton Cake Pans

Clean these pans vigorously. They often have “smoodge” in the corners. Really… it takes just a minute or two. We “shine” up the pan with a bit of “Goo Gone” and then slip them into a bag with the instructions. Add a suffocation label and they are ready to ship.

Below is a picture of a cake pan sealed in a plastic bag.  The instructions were printed and enclosed with the pan.  The suffocation label and the Amazon product label have been attached.

cake pan clear wrap

If you feel you want more protection for the cake pan – give it a bubble wrap blanket before slipping into the bag:

wrap cake pan

Because this mold is a bit fragile (it’s thin plastic and could crush)  I will pack it in it’s own box.  I’ll even mention that it’s “boxed for protection so it arrives in perfect condition” in my description.

I’ll use an Amazon box from one of my own purchases and clean off the stickers:
wilton cake pan boxed

Just a little extra effort ensures your Amazon customer will get the products they order in the best possible condition.

Even More Info About Selling Wilton Cake Pans on Amazon FBA

Discussions in our free Facebook Group about cake pans:

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p.s. We have another article that will help you learn about ALL the Amazon packaging requirements here:

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  1. says

    Thank you for this post. It’s perfect since I got my first Wilton pan to send FBA. Do you need to also put a sticker on the box that holds the pan like “Ready to Ship” or does having just the barcode on the box fine?

  2. Jnet says

    I just bought 150 lovingly taken care of when talking to gal at garage sale.. She has had them for 37years.. I couldn’t imagine trying to find a box for each so I thought I would send to fba.. But now you are saying I should box them before sending to amazon?

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