Sell Plush Stuffed Toys On Amazon and Ebay For Huge Proftis

I’ve become a Plush (stuffed toys) sourcing machine.  Last Friday I interviewed Jordan Malik about his new guide “The Amazon and Ebay Merchant’s Guide To New and Used Soft Toy Profits”.   All I can say is Thank You Jordan for providing the exact information I needed.

Also… Danni Akerman did an entire show about buying and selling Plush on eBay (which was perfect as an add-on to Jordan’s book):

I was with Danni when she found the $100 Wile E Coyote

Danni shared that some of the best brands of products are:

  • Dakin
  • Gund
  • Dan Dee
  • Russ
  • Ganz
  • Folkmanis
  • Disney
  • Boyds
  • Starbucks bears
  • Hard Rock bears
  • Look for huge plush – they can sell for $100 and up.

Armed with this information (because information is power) – I headed out to my favorite Goodwill thrift store.  Every thrift store has plush – piles and piles of plush. Sometimes it’s stacked on shelves and others have them loaded into huge bins.

I had avoided plush in the past… because it looked like piles of “Ick” covered, matted, drooled on… fur.  This trip… I plunged my hands into the mass of colorful soft toys and found that it’s pretty easy to sort through and find the “good stuff”.

  • You can quickly see if a piece of plush is dirty, stained, smudged and toss it aside.
  • You can easily find the “tush tag” and see the brand and more valuable information.
  • It’s pretty easy to see if the plush is animated in someway and will need batteries (and if the battery compartment is easily accessible).
  • Anything that is a “cheap” or low quality plush product is easy to sort out of the piles.
  • Plush is not super heavy or bulky or breakable…. this makes it fast to sort, throw in your cart and ship.   Love that.
  • And…. Plush is usually super cheap to buy.  Thrift stores do NOT want this stuff to hang around… they want it gone – fast.

I found 4 pieces of plush that should do really well.  I didn’t do any research at the store on my smart phone.  I spent a total of $10 on these 4 pieces and they should sell for Great profits!

selling plush on Amazon

First a Dan Dee Animated Talking Lighted Musical Teddy Bear True Story of Christmas that should sell on eBay for about $35 during the holidays.

Next… this bear is not something I would have thought to pick up… but when you squeeze him he says “I love you mom, come on and give me another hug”  He is jointed and feels like quality.   I hope he will sell for at least $25 on Ebay.

The little white thing is an Anne Geddes 8″ Baby Bunny – which is going back. Not the least bit profitable.

Last – Avon interactive talking plush Christmas Santa Claus – which should sell on eBay for between $25 and $35.

Selling 3 of these should make me about $55 profit after fees.  Not bad!  Going to get more choosy as I go along.

And I found these 3 Ikea Plush right after I read just part of Jordan’s guide:

Selling Plush on Ebay

I’m going to sell these on Ebay as a set – I think they should sell for between $75 and $100 (for the set).  They are in great condition and were priced at .75 cents each.  Cha Ching!

sell plush animals online

Here’s What’s Inside:

New-for-2013 book, “You See a Plush Bunny, I See Money, Honey” reveals:

  • Profit Proof‘: Screen shots of sold on eBay plush toys and my actual sales receipts of various plush toys
  • Why it’s OK to sell used plush, despite what other sellers think (they’re wrong)
  • Exactly how to find profitable plush toys locally (it’s much easier than you think)
  • How to source these products without leaving the comfort of your home
  • Videos of my own personal training
  • Lists of what plush to ‘be on the lookout for
  • List of plush toys to AVOID

This guide will help you, whether you sell on eBay, Amazon, and/or Amazon FBA!

Read more about it here:  How To Sell Plush on Ebay and Amazon

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  1. Edie Gunter says

    Loved the book Jordan Wrote. We read it and have been sourcing plush this week. Nothing big like what we found in NC. But some magic 25’s.

  2. TJ says

    Can you explain how to list something like this? Meaning, because it is used and considered a “collectible,” how do you go about buying a UPC code. And what do you do if someone else on Amazon has this item listed, I imagine with another UPC code. I don’t even know how to package something like this. Can you recommend a type of polybag available for sale on Amazon that can fit the average (or large) sized plush? I have trouble understanding how to make your own listings/bundles and packaging.

    • DebnBeth says

      Listing a product on Amazon that already has a product page – means you don’t need to buy a UPC code for the product. Just list. 😎

      If you are creating a product page yourself (first time the product is listed for sale on Amazon) then you would need a UPC. We purchase them in bulk on eBay.

      Every size imaginable for poly bags is available on Amazon and/or Ebay. I purchase poly bags from suppliers like as well.

  3. says


    Yes, I have found plush toys to be profitable as well thanks for Jordan! I find many stuffed animals at the Goodwill. However, they often write the price on the cloth tag attached to the body. What do you suggest about this? I have tried to get it out but have not had much success. Do you cut the tag off or just leave it on with a “2” or “3” written in black?


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