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Sell Old Games On AmazonJ.B. Malik published a follow-up to his “101 Toys…” book and it is jam packed with 131 Toys & Games that you can find locally and sell for good money on Amazon (and eBay) – seriously!

While the majority of the toys & games will be found in used condition you can still occasionally find them sealed and new which increases your profits tremendously.

Whether you are new to selling collectible toys/games or have been doing it for a while….you’ll find definite value in this ebook.

And you know where you find these toys and games at??  That’s right… thrift stores!

While you’re looking for all that other fabulous inventory at the thrifts, take a walk on over to the toys section and you may be surprised at the little gems you’ll find there! J.B. Malik also has numerous other ways of getting his hands on these hot little games.

131 Toys & Games You Can Buy Locally & Sell on Amazon Big Profits” is over 140 pages packed with profitable games, toys and even puzzles! The majority of items in this ebook are games which is really good because these are what you will see a lot of when you’re out scouting. Plus Jordan has included ten ways to find the collectible toys & games listed in the guide & tips for keeping your customer happy.  A few of his tips give you ideas on how to have the toys & games come to you.

Does this ebook list ALL the profitable toys and games out there – no way!

There are tons o’ profitable toys & games out there.  This ebook gives you a very good start to finding profitable toys and games – 131 of them!

This ebook is perfect for someone just starting out with selling collectible toys on Amazon (and even Ebay).

If you don’t have a scanner you can print out the 5 page Table of Contents and bring it with you when you are “scouting”.  The toys/games are all listed in alphabetical order which makes it easy to glance through when you’re staring at a pile of games.

This downloaded ebook gives you a picture of each toy/game, the maximum amount to pay for the item, suggested selling prices and ideas for where and how to find them locally. You can store it in Evernote for easy access on your phone!

I’ve found that going through this ebook and seeing the pictures of each game/toy really helps me to spot the good toys to gravitate towards when I’m out scouting.  This saves me time – especially if I’m in a hurry and just don’t have the time to go through all the games/toys to find the gems.  Now I can spot the gems and pluck them from the rubble quickly.  I say rubble because I’ve had stacks of games come tumbling down on me!

After reading “131 Toys & Games You Can Buy Locally & Sell on Amazon Big Profits” I am now kicking myself for passing over many, many games during my first few months of scouting.  I just didn’t “think” they’d be profitable so I skipped them when scouting.

If I had this guide I would have known better!

Some friendly advice to help you get the most out of  “131 Toys”... the market on Amazon changes from day to day and the stats JB Malik has put in this guide could have changed a bit since it was published. Always do a double-check of the info in the guide before you purchase a game.  There could have been an influx of sellers with certain games.  This could effect whether or not you want to purchase or list your game.  I have definitely goofed and bought bad games before – however -I was only out a buck or two so I was ok with it.

Whether you’re a newbie or have been selling for a while, this ebook is worth it.  J.B. Malik is a stand-up guy and he offers a 60 day money-back-guarantee.…so you have nothing to loose and only profits to gain :) AND – Free Updates For Life (which is great, Jordan updates this guide often).

But just don’t take my word for it, read more about the ebook “118 Toys & Games”  HERE….and watch the video too!

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