How To Make Money Selling Books On Amazon – Thank You Jordan Malick and Rob Anderson


Jordan Malik has a great video here about his adventures in selling books on Amazon as well as VHS, Cassette tapes and CD’s.

Especially interesting is the section on selling textbooks (around the 3:00 mark). Jordan shows where he sold a textbook for $25. You will see that this book has 51 books listed as used (at least) and one of them is Warehouse Deals (Amazon sells used books under this name) which has this book listed at over $27 (Used-Good Condition).

You will also see many merchant fulfilled sellers of this textbook as what is called “penny books” – where they are charging 3 cents plus shipping.

Jordan explains why we CAN, as FBA sellers, compete in the textbook market – even against Amazon and the penny book sellers.

We regularly find text books, still sealed VHS, cassettes and CDs at thrift stores and the ROI is fabulous!

Rob Anderson has created several video’s about selling books including how to box them up for safe arrival to the Amazon FBA warehouse:


We love selling books. We generally stick to books we feel are worth over $25 and don’t worry much about sales rank and Amazon as competition. We are buying so cheap – if we can sell ours either matching or just under all FBA sellers and make a great profit… then we are “good” with buying books.

Sending them in to Amazon FBA is heavy work. Be prepared for heavy lifting and hauling.  It’s a bonus if your UPS guy will come in and get the boxes for you so you don’t have to lug them outside.

Also… most of the books we sell are considered long-tail. We may need to wait for the perfect buyer looking for just this book. Textbooks do have seasons… but buying textbooks all year and sending them in – put’s us in a great place for those seasons.

We have found many very profitable books that we always keep an eye out for – including text books.

Learn more about the awesome books we find in our “Selling Niche Books on Amazon” Podcast and in our guide: “Thrifting for Niche Book Profit”.


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  1. says

    Just wanted to say “thank you” for sharing the Youtube videos that I have made on your blog! I am glad that you found value in them and are willing to share them with your viewers. I am going to download your free book and take a look at it. I like what you ladies are doing!

    Thanks again,
    Rob Anderson

    • DebnBeth says

      Hey Rob… We are both so glad you stopped by to check us out. We love your video’s and your YouTube Channel. We are getting ready to post our first video’s to our YouTube channel.

      We hope to have you on one of first few “real” podcasts… we have a lot to “pick your brain” about.

      Beth “n” Debra

  2. Fiona Blake says

    Hi just been watching some of your videos which were helpful. I’m an Amazon promerchant seller, mainly selling books and want to become and FBA seller. I’m really nervous about the next step which is to become an FBA seller. Having watched the video about packing, can you tell me if the boxes you send in have to be any particular size? Can they vary in size each time depending on what you have?

    Really useful site with lots of info. I also love FBA Radio. Wish we had a Walmart in the UK as well and a site specifically for FBA. There’s lots about Ebay but not so much on Amazon.

    Keep it up and I’d appreciate any help re packing boxes etc.

    Thanks Fiona
    Thanks for all the info and I also love FBA Radio.

    • DebnBeth says

      Hi Fiona… Thanks so much for your questions. We are really trying to get a “feel” for how selling on Amazon and using Amazon FBA works in the U.K. It’s difficult because we can’t “ask” anyone. :) We are hoping that more of the U.K. sellers will find us and start to share more of the experience selling on Amazon.

      Books are heavy! Use the smallest box possible. Sending multiple small boxes instead of one larger box is not really any more expensive. And the boxes will hold up better. We found boxes that are 12 x 12 x 10 (ish) work really well. Also – boxes are different “grades” and you can often find boxes that are called “heavy weight’ here in the U.S. These heavy weight boxes will hold up better in shipping.

      Do stores in your area give away boxes? We also buy boxes at Walmart (which I know you don’t have) and Home Depot / Lowes – which are big (huge) home remodeling stores. Often we save boxes to reuse. from online ordering (stuff we buy for ourselves or for our business from Amazon and eBay).

      Don’t be nervous about stepping up to be an FBA seller. It does take “learning” – but it’s like riding a bike… once you learn it, it doesn’t seem hard at all.

      Keep in touch – we are here to help!


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