Buy Tax Exempt – Sales Tax Free

Most of us pay sales tax whenever we buy “anything”. Go to a store, restaurant or even buy stuff online – and we usually pay sales tax.

We are buying “stuff” to sell on Amazon and we all want to make as much profit as possible… and cutting any expenses is going to add to our “margins”.

Some of us pay up to 10% (or even more) in sales tax… what if we could always save an extra 10% on every product we purchase for resale? We can… if we just use what is legally ours to use.

A resale license or tax exempt status license is what you need. It can be called any number of things – it varies by state.

I heard this on a recent radio show… and it’s become my motto when buying products to list on Amazon:

“Pay Everything You Owe and Not One Penney More!” –Kat Simpson

Keep Legal.. pay Sales Tax when you owe it – and pay every cent. Keep good records. It’s imperative that you treat your business as a business.

Brick and Mortar businesses don’t ever pay sales tax when they purchase products from “vendors” for resell. Why should we?

What’s Included In This Short Report:

  • How To Buy Tax-Exempt From Brick And Mortar Stores – Every store is different.
  • Buying Online – Getting A Sales Tax Refund – You can’t purchase online Tax-Exempt.
  • When Do I Pay Sales Tax? I still pay sales tax at times. I explain when and why.
  • A Special MSKU Idea -I’ve started adding something new in my MSKU when I’m listing products for Amazon FBA.This is (hopefully) going to make the process of accounting for and sending in Sales Tax easier.
  • Tax Exempt and Accounting- At the end of whatever time frame you have for Sales Tax accounting… you will need to go into your Amazon Seller Central Account and create a report for Sales Tax Accounting. I show you how easy this is.

I call this a short report because I didn’t waste your time with a bunch of “extras”. I give you just what you need – short and sweet.

Print the report out and keep it in your Amazon FBA binder (you have one created – right?).

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p.s. If you are looking for information about collecting sales tax from customers and filing your sales tax remittance – I recommend