Buy Low On Ebay Sell High On Amazon B.L.E.S.H.A

I will admit that I purchased Jordan Malick’s B.L.E.S.H.A guide a while back… and did not have any luck finding good ‘buys’ on eBay.

Well – my luck has changed.  Jordan updated his Buy Low on Ebay Sell High on Amazon guide (it didn’t change much) and I decided to read it again this morning. It’s a fairly short little guide – but packed with exactly what you need.

I suppose I read this time around with a better understanding of just exactly what it was I needed to do… so I would have “good luck” on eBay.

The point is that you shouldn’t go searching on eBay for just “anything”.… you need to have a plan and know exactly what you are looking for.

This morning – I used this guide and searched for just ONE product.  This is a product I have sold before… and sold them for amazing prices. I don’t see this product often in the thrift stores… I grab them when I can, but I do know of at least one eBay seller in my local area that is also shopping for this same product.  It’s a “luck of the draw” when I find one.

Today’s eBay shopping was super satisfying.  I used the system Jordan explained and then “tweaked” it just a bit to suit my own searching habits.

It Worked!

When you are searching for specific products to purchase on eBay (and then plan on selling them on Amazon)… you need to know your “numbers”.

You need to know how much the product will sell for on Amazon – AND – the most you will pay for it on eBay.  Jordan provides a nice cheat sheet to follow.  Good One Jordan!

  • I found one of these products on a Buy It Now – it’s on it’s way. 
  • I also found 7 others that I am bidding on. 

NOTE: I didn’t follow one suggestion that Jordan explains will help me get better prices – I will implement this next time I’m shopping with the BLESHA system on eBay.

 Nope – not going to share the product. I will say that I’m not paying more than $25 (including shipping) and I’ve sold these for $75 on Amazon.

PLUS… I won’t need to remove tape or stickers – NICE!  And they will all be coming to my door… I just list and ship.

What’s Next?  I’m going through all of my past sales – looking for more products like this that I’ve sold for nice BIG profits. And then…. use BLESHA to stock up.

I can’t recommend B.L.E.S.H.A enough! (This should work for anyone anywhere that can buy on eBay and sell on Amazon)

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