About Me

Hi… I’m So Glad You’re Here!

I’ll Bet You’re Wondering Why
You Should Listen To Me?

I am just a  gal who is making a profit online.  I know how much work it takes… I have been self-employed for years and I “still” work my back side off.

I don’t mind hard work – and I’d bet you don’t either.

I just wanted to work hard “when and where” I choose.  The one thing I disliked when I had a J.O.B., was schedules (and pantyhose).

I am NOT a millionaire – (I think I would love that) – but I do make a profit every month – enough profit that make a difference in my family budget.  Every single month – month after month, I make this happen.

I would love to see you make a difference in your

families budget every month, as well.

Do you have a bit of skepticism? Great – skepticism prevents all of us from jumping on the first (or second, third and forth) get rich scheme that we find. I have seen a ton of junk online – JUNK that make big promises and never backs them up with cold – hard – facts.

Big business is not what I am about... Getting Rich is NOT where I am headed as my life goal. I am growing my Amazon businesses without going into debt.   This business plan is one with high profit potential and low stress.  I like it that way.

Being successful in online business ventures has been  satisfying. I’ve helped  many others grow their online businesses… but something was missing. I didn’t know what it was until May of 2011.

You see – I was missing being part of a “hands on business”. In May I started to scratch the itch and started selling physical products on Amazon.

Back in the day… I started my working (J.O.B.) career in retail right out of Business School. I have been a manager at several large retail companies and some mom & pop stores as well. I even owned my own retail store for 3 years (not as fun or easy as it sounds).

It was easy for me to step right into retail as I was raised by two special parents who owned an Antique Store for over 30 years. My mom and dad were two true “Retail Arbitrage Experts”.

In the antique business – you get dirty and dig for buried treasure at garage sales, swap meets, in barns and farms and travel a great deal. I loved the summer months when mom, dad and I would pack up the camper and head out across country (down every back road that’s not even on maps) looking for treasures to haul home and sell in our store.

I missed it! I have treasure hunting in my blood!

Also… when you spend over 10 years sitting day after day on your butt… you start to forget what it feels like to physically work! (and it doesn’t help your waistline either). I also missed the interaction with live people. I love that I can “chat” with people all day online via email, Skype, forums and social networking… but I still missed the “real world”.

In just a few short months – my world has changed and I’m back in the Game. :)

I’ve ramped up from just selling a few products to shipping thousands of $ a week to Amazon. This is physical labor and I love it! I’m meeting people and laughing more as well as making more money than I thought possible. (Mom and Dad are gone now – but they would have been my daily sidekicks in this business).

The true motivation (originally) for this new business venture was my darling hubby… he want’s to “retire” from his own business and I needed to find a way for him to replace his income. He loves learning the Retail Arbitrage business… and is actually getting good at spotting deals.

I’ve made a ton of mistakes so far… a few big ones – but mostly just small (annoying and not too costly) that have taught me some valuable lessons. I’m getting smarter in buying choices and setting prices every day. I promise to share all the good and bad with you right here on this website.

I think I’ve read just about every book – listened to every radio show/podcast – and purchased every product that teaches selling on Amazon (and eBay even though I don’t sell on eBay). I’ve “re-learned” some of the old retail lessons I’d forgotten and put them back into practice. I’m sharing all those little lessons with you here as well.

This is not a get rich quick scheme – it’s just plain business. Buy stuff for a low price and sell it for a profit. You don’t have to be a wizard at “anything” to do this. If you have ever shopped for anything looking for the “best price” – you are a perfect candidate.

It takes work… and a bit of start up capital to get into selling. You can learn most of what you need to know by just “doing”… and following along with me as I work on growing my business.

Selling product on Amazon is a dream come true for me (and hubby is liking it as well)… I hope you will join me for the ride of your life.

My hubby is joining in as well…. check it out here:


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